2. helmikuuta 2017

Water Rail 2.2.2017

Today Vilma and I went to see a long staying Water Rail in Vanhankaupunginlahti. Quite long time I wanted to visit there because this species was still missing from my Winter-list (Dec-Feb).
When we arrived to the parking lot Tuula Granroth told us that bird was hiding long times and she had to wait almost an hour. Shit, that is too long for one year old... Anyway we went there and it took maybe 5 minutes when I saw some movement and soon the bird came in open and took something from the feeder which local cameramen keep there. Shrimps and other nice stuff for the bird. I was maybe 5 meters behind the lone cameraman and I got decent photos. I´d like to try later alone much closer. Vilma saw the bird too, she yelled "kana, kana" which means chicken in Finnish. :)

Bird of the day.

Bird with these colors can hide very effectively. 

It almost looks like some kind of prehistoric species.

After I got my photos we continued towards Viikki wastewater plant where few Eurasian Teals are spending their winter. Easily I found two birds and second year tick was in my pocket!
Just before we left I heard couple of Bearded Reedling calls from the reeds near by, but I didn´t find any bird. Nice record anyway. Also Black Woodpecker around!

Two Teals.

Vilma and happy face after Mallards and Teals.

Reeds where I got my first Reedlings of the year.

We walked back and I let Vilma walk for some time. We also went to check Vanhankaupunginkoski if some Dippers of anything like that would show up, but all saw was Otters trace.


Great times with my girl. Maybe tomorrow we try Barnacle Goose and Wigeon from Töölönlahti.


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