4. helmikuuta 2017

Local birds in Maunula 4.2.2017

Today I decide that we have to check our local area with Vilma and maybe find something nice from there. I´m living in Maunula, about 8km from Helsinki city center. Like you have seen earlier in this blog we have nice stream with Dipper around and today we visited that place again after a week or so. When we arrived I instantly found one Dipper very near the road. Shame my camera settings were totally wrong to this situation and I got only one decent photo.

And of course it is behind that stick.. Dipper.

Anyway, Dippers are so cool birds. The bird flew little bit further and started to swim. Crazy that they can do that and find food from there.
We continued and I started to check a local feeder near the road. Black Birds, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits, Siskins, like always. Then something happened and larger bird landed near by. "shit, that is Nutcracker!" Not so common bird here and big surprise for me. I showed the bird to Vilma but she was not so excited! Bird was quite shy so it was hard to get any proper pics, but here you can see it. By bill lenght and thickness I´d like to say that this is European/Western-Russian subspecies "caryocatactes". Also tail had only a little white on the edges.

We continued walking and tried to find another Dipper, but not today. Nutcracker was calling near the feeder again when we passed it, but it was too far to take any photos. Other birds in the area were five different Great-spotted Woodpeckers, three Jays and Goshawk.

Nice short time in the woods.


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