7. helmikuuta 2017

Stroller twitching in a hard way. 6.2.2017

Yesterday I didn´t have time to write this, so here it comes.
On 5th an Two-barred Crossbill was found from Eira, near city center. Because it was super cold morning I decided to wait the first update and then go, if the bird will show up again. This bird was still missing from my stroller list and I had some pressure, so I decide to move to Seurasaari, which is close and if the alarm will come, I can get there faster.
I packed Vilma and just before we arrived to Seurasaari I got the message that the bird is still there. Great!
After 15 minutes we arrived there and lots of people were watching in same spot. "It must be there" i said to Vilma, but when we came closer people just talked and watched their photos of the bird. I asked where the bird is but know one really knew what happened before somebody said that bird just left when I came...
Great stuff... I started to walk around the area and check some good looking trees, but nothing.. Two Fieldfares, Mute Swans, Mergansers, Goshawk and two Long-tailed Ducks.
Not really what I wanted. After an hour I had to leave because Vilma had to get her nap.

At least the view was fine.


Mute Swan.


Later afternoon I got another update and it said that bird was still there. We ate and because I promised Sanni that I will pick her up from school, we had to move anyway. First back to Eira and then to Meilahti where her school is.
Bird was showing very nicely and I got some decent pictures of it! Lots of people who missed it earlier came back to see the bird. Two-barred Crossbill was hanging with Common Crossbill female and together they ate cone seeds.

Common Crossbill. There is something in this photo I like.

Two-barred Crossbill.

Both birds.

Two-barred can really hide in that Larch.

Awesome bird.

So, hard work was rewarded again and I got my missing Crossbill species on my Stroller list. My number is now 205 with Vilma and not many easy ones missing anymore.

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