20. helmikuuta 2017

Urban Crested Lark 17.2.2017

Finally time to write about our last twitch during my paternal leave. Last friday I took Vilma with me and together we went to Kamppi where this bird  which played hide and seek with me last two times was seen again. When we arrived the bird was missing of course and I was nervous. I didn't want to come back here anymore.
Soon I met Matti Koivula and together we tried to think where to find this bird. We walked around the area but nothing. 
At some point I choose to go and check the old place where the bird was found originally. We went around the block but again nothing. 
When I arrived back to the place where we started I saw big group of birders watching something. We ran there and Jarkko Santaharju showed the bird to us. Phooh! Finally. 
I got few nice pics and suddenly the bird took off and went behind the fence above the grass area where it was found.
I was really lucky cause we came back just before it was gone again..

Good camouflage. 

Crested Lark.

Little bit closer.

Birdfound something to eat before it took off.

Good looking bird and very rare here in Finland. This species is declining rapidly in the countries near Finland and makes this bird even rarer every year.
Later we drove back home and we had good time in our backyard. Also lone Fieldfare in our yard with Jackdaws etc.


Quite son we headed back home and it was time for a nap. I had to take those too because I had nightshift later.
Going back to work felt frustrating. In my wildest dreams I could be a stay home dad, but I have to win the lottery first.


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