7. maaliskuuta 2012

Cold morning and warmer noon. 7.3.2012

Before i even get out of my house, my plans had changed two times...
I started to day from Soukka harbor, Espoo. My plan was to see Glaucous Gull but it never showed up.
There was something like -18degrees and birds was some garbage like Raven, Crow, Herring Gull, Common Gull, Great Black-backed Gull and Great Tit... After an hour i had to leave because otherwise i would have been frozen to the ground..
Next i went to Ruoholahti and visit to FotoFennica by a new lens protectors for my binoculars...
Next photo shows what happens if you put your binoculars to the freezer. I forgot mine in my car overnight...


After i get new protectors, store owner Mikko gave me a hint for a Eurasian Coot or Bowling ball like we say it. I went to look at it and surprisingly i saw it! Year tick n76 for me.
Next stop was in Seurasaari, Helsinki. I have been there many times this year and i knew that there is all ways something to watch and photo. After 15min walking i notice that Tits make great noise over one bird feeding place. Pygmy Owl was sitting in a tree, next to the road! I went little bit closer and i get few "good" shots.

Pygmy owl poses in good light.

Same bird in different tree. 
 Owl change place once or twice before i was done with my camera. I continued my walking and i saw some "normal" birds like Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Black Birds, Bullfinches, Goldcrest, Greenfinch  and new year tick for me, Brambling (at last). There was all so little bit rarer bird, Redwing has been whole winter in same feeding place. I have seen it before but it´s all ways nice to see it. I think there is just few Redwing winter sightings in Helsinki. Here is some photos, i try to get birds in weird positions.

Black Bird. It could be young male.

Great tit with nice wing pose.

This Redwing does not have any tail left, hope it grows back.

When i was walking back to my car i saw Great spotted Woodpecker and Black Woodpecker. Nice to see especially last one, shame that i didn´t get any photo of it. Here is a pic of first one.

Great Spotted Woodbecker.
My last spot where i visited to day was Villa Elfvik in Espoo. I knew that there is bird feeding so i give it chance. I walked around the place and there was nothing special... few Treecreepers, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Coal Tits and some other shit..

At least there was nice weather.

I had nice day, morning was too cold but later there was only like -2 to -4 degrees so it was very tolerable.
I hope that spring will start soon and im desperately waiting migrating birds.

Next time maybe some rarities?



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