26. maaliskuuta 2012

This feels like spring! 26.3.2012

After a late wake-up is started today from Finnå wastewater treatment plant.
I don´t know why but i all ways walk same route there and this day wasn´t exception. First bird what i noticed was nice singing male Chaffinch. After 10min walking i stopped to watch some birds which were high in the trees i saw lonely Crane flying over me. I try to run little bit because it went behind the trees but i didn´t see it again.
Nice start and new year tick for me.
I continued my walking and next stop was pair of Goldeneyes. The birds swim in the ditch which was next to the path and there is some small trees so that´s why this super bad photo..

You can see why it´s Goldeneye.

After Goldeneyes and many Mallards i arrived at a place where there was lot´s of open water and a bird-watching tower.
Many Coots and Mallards, one Common Pochard, one Gadvall, two singing Skylarks and more Goldeneyes. I was in the tower like 20minutes but nothing else did not appear.


Common Pochard male.

Gadvall and Pochard, both new year ticks for me.
I continued walking again and i saw something like 20 Crows in same tree and making huge noise. Then i noticed some raptor sitting in same tree but lower. It was little bit in the shade but i get few photos and i was able to identify it. Goshawk. One of my favorite bird of prey.

Can you see the Goshawk?

After this nice bird i left and i had already decided to go Seurasaari.
Between Finnå and Seurasaari i saw flock of 36 Barnacle Gooses! I couldn´t stop because i was driving but nice catch from the window!
I was thinking this little spring progress "project". It´s nice to see witch species comes first and when and so on..
I parked my car in parking lot and first birds were 2 Mute Swans, 2 Canada Gooses and 15 Mallards. These Gooses and Swans were not there last time, so new arrivals.

Canada Goose.

"Don´t take photos" Mute Swan.

I walk my normal route again and i actually noticed that there was less birds than last time. Most Tits are singing or nesting or something but you can´t see those anymore. Black Birds are most common birds in feeding places.
Here is some numbers what i saw or heard today.

Great Tit 30
Blue Tit 20
Coal Tit 2
Black Bird 30 (Some singing males)
Song Thrush 1 (Voice)
Chaffinch 6 (All singing)
Greenfinch 2
Bullfinch 4
Stock Dove 2
Woodpigeon 1
Treecreeper 2 (Voice)
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 (Male)
Sparrow Hawk 1

Stock Dove.

Weird Black Bird.

Perhaps the most interesting bird was this weird Black Bird witch have some leucistic spots in head, breast and flanks. First when i saw this bird i thought that it is Ring Ouzel! I have bad photo of it where it shows a little bit same looking breast pattern.

This was nice day. Now i have to work two days and then Friday we are going to Estonia and try to find Willow Grouse, Ural Owl and Great Grey Owl. Wish me luck with those.



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