3. maaliskuuta 2012

First time in english.

I was thinking about this long time and because i have so much international fans, i must write this in english. :)
So first of all, im sorry about my uggly and bad english, but i hope you people can live with that.

Today wasn´t birding day but i get 1 new year tick, Golden Eagle flew over my car when i was triving to work.
Of course not photos this time because i don´t carry my camera to work.... Bird was (i think) 2nd calender year bird, with big white flashes in underwing. Easy to identify.
My year ticks are now 73 i think or 72, can´t remenber.
Next week i have more time for birds, only one day at work and i hope i get some photos and new species.

Hope you are still interested about my blog. And again, sorry for "photoless" post this time.



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