19. maaliskuuta 2012

Where is the Spring... 18.3.2012

I had hour time to check Haltiala farms before work.
Firs bad sign was cross-country skiers... I all most turned back but something tells me that there may be something.
I checked area about half an hour but all what i found was two Fielfares, two Black Birds and flock of 10 Jackdaws.. Frustrating...
Birds were sitting on a pile of manure and it was steaming somehow.. Fortunately it didn´t stink :)


Next week i planned some bigger trip. Maybe to Hanko or Kirkkonummi or something like that.
I know this was little bit useless post but i do not have better things to do at work.
If somebody is interested, this Haltiala farm is quite good birding place later spring or autumn.
Last spring i found there perhaps the earliest record of Red-breasted Pipit in Finland. All so other side of the road where is some horse stables, i twitched Lesser Grey shrike.

Towards better life and better birds.


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