9. maaliskuuta 2012

One new tick and same old bullshit.

I promised to my girlfriend Sarina a ride to job interview so i had a opportunity to watch birds in that area.
Place was nice old church in Espoo and there was cemetery all so. I watch map before we leave and i noticed a small river or ditch. While Sarina was in an interview, i toured the area. I saw little numbers of Great Tits, Blue Tits and Green Finches, so normal garbage... When i was photographing one awesome cute Blue Tit i heard familiar call from the sky. Flock of 5 Eurasian Goldfinches flew over me. Just after that, i remembered that river and i started to walk towards it. I saw two little ice-free spot there. I check first one, but nothing. I walked to next spot and it took like 25seconds and a Dipper rose from the water! It flew quite far a way and i wasn´t ready with my camera so images was only a dream... However, i was very happy of my observation.

Blue Tits are awesome birds!

There was Dipper!

Great looking old church.

After Sarinas interview we drove to grocerystore and then home. I was sitting at home and i noticed that there is very nice weather. I decided to go out and i drove to Seurasaari.
This time i walked longer and much more slippery rote. Here is a map of my route. I started from north, i ended up south and then back.

My route.
I didn´t find Pygmy owl this time but Redwing was still there, all so few Eurasian Siskins had arrived.
Otherwise, the birds where the complete nonsense...
Bullfinch 15
Green Finch 3
Blackbird 20
Great Tit 20
Blue Tit 40
Coal Tit 8
Goldcrest 5
Hooded Crow 20
Jay 3
Common Magpie 6
And so on.. 

"Is he still there?" 


Siskin enjoys some seeds.

Here in Finland is one little problem.. At nights, there is something like -10 to -15 degrees so there is no migrating birds yet.. It´s quite frustrating to watch every day these same boring species..
Next week, when i have to be 6 days in work (and it sucks), there is something like +10 degrees so i think that´s the last push for migrants. Hope so.
Hopefully next time i see something new.
I started to be little tired so no more text tonight.



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