15. maaliskuuta 2012

Camera testing, 15.3.2012

Because i hurt my arms in the gym, i had day off.
I started today at Suomenoja water treatment plant pools. Place was still empty and silent.
Only Hooted Crows had some kind of spring meeting. 80 birds had arrived.
One little flock of Gold Finches flew over me and that´s all...

Always these Tits...

Part of Crow meeting. 

After Suomenoja i went to Seurasaari again.
I walked my normal route and i checked every feeding place. Nice surprises was Willow Tit, Chaffinch and flock of 6 Redpolls. Common birds where still present and nothing spectacular didn´t come front of me.

10 Coal Tits today.

Also 10 Goldcrests today. Female in photo.

Nice looking Willow Tit.

Redwing still present.

Handsome Redpoll (one of six birds)

As you can see, there is no stunning or magnificent photos, even though i promised.. Camera was little bit weird and i need to study more. For example AutoFocus didn´t work like i wanted. But i´m not going to throw an ax in to the well, like we say it in Finland.
Hope i learn to use it when we go to Israel, it would be pity if i come back with broken camera :)
OH, i all most forget, i saw 5 Canada Goose on my way back home.

Next time i go somewhere else. Hope so.


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