20. maaliskuuta 2012

Owl twitch and beautiful day 20.3.2012

Last night some dude found Great Grey Owl at Viikki, Helsinki.
I woke up at 10 a clock, i open my laptop and then i noticed this... It was quite a shock because it´s good rarity in Helsinki area. There was no updates for this morning but i decided to go.
I landed to Viikki about hour later i saw one birdwatcher in the parking lot. He said that bird is missing and there is few guys looking for it.
At the moment i realized that the game is over.. I still had little hope left and i started to walk towards the place where the bird had been seen.
Weather was super nice, +6 degrees and lot´s of sun. Around the midway point between my car and bird i met the other birder who had also bad news... He stopped looking after two hours.. I continued my walk and soon i was in that area where Owl was seen. I checked every bush and tree but nothing... Even the bird is quite big, it can be really hard to find from the woods.
After an hour i started to walk back to my car and at he same time i took few photos of Coal Tit´s and Green Finches.

Coal Tit try to find something.


A pity that the bird disappeared so soon.. I have never seen this specie before and this was second in Helsinki this year... Maybe sometime in the future ?
When i got to the parking lot, i remembered that Lintuvaruste(Bird Life) store is very close and i visited there. I bought this second edition of "Birds of the Middle East". It´s quite important book for our Israel trip and good fill in my bookcase.
After Viikki i was not happy and i wanted to go somewhere.. Quick thinking took me to Seurasaari, witch is officially my home-patch (after visiting there about 20 times in 2 years). First birds was three Mallards who where not there last time.

Sexy looking male Mallard.
After 5minutes walking i heard familiar voice above me, this awesome Raven flew overhead, followed by an army of Crows. It was unwanted guest i think.
After this i walked around the island and maybe best observation was Stock Dove witch was so shy that i didn´t get any photos of it..
Other nice but regular birds was Willow Tit 2, Coal Tit 5, Redwing (still present), Winter Wren (Peukaloinen), Long-tailed Tit and Mute Swan.

Raven and Crow, compare sizes.

Redwing takes little bath.

This hairy dude is also common in Seurasaari.

Overall, this was first day that resembled spring. Nice weather, warm, sun, singing birds and so on.
Even i did not see the Owl, this was a good day. Wren and Long-tailed Tit was new year ticks for me so now my tick are 82. Top3 people have now something like 130, so i´m still enough behind...



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