31. lokakuuta 2013

Birthday and day after 30.10-31.10.2013

I had birthday yesterday so i went to my traditional birthday trip. I went to Suomenoja where i have been many times this year. This time i did not walk around the pool but i checked every good spot where any land bird could spend any time.
Best sighting was flock of four White-winged Crosbills. Always nice to see these birds. Other birds were three Robins, few Song Thrush, Redwing and flock of Redpolls. One Redpoll looked very much of Arctic Redpoll but there was something wrong and i guess it was some kind of hybrid or just weirdly pale bird.
After one and a half hour i left to gym.


Today (31.10) I went to Seurasaari because i did not have better to do. Place is super dead these times, but weather was sunny and nice, so it is good to be out.
First birds in the island were 12 Canada Geese, lost of Mallards, one Tufted Duck and of course some basic garbage like Feral Pigeons and Crows.
When i walked deeper in the island al the birds turned Blue and Great Tits. I checked few feeders and i found some Coal Tits and even two Willow Tits, who are actually quite scarce in the island.Willow Tits are actually one of my favorite birds! Cool looking and funny voice.
Othervice not much worth to mention..
Lets see what November will bring, if it will bring anything. Normally when something comes this time of the year, it is something really rare. Yesterday Great-northern Diver were seen in Parikkala, Barred Warbler in Pori and some other good sightings around the Finland.

This guy spend time in Seurasaari.

More birding next week, after a busy weekend in work.


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