14. lokakuuta 2013

Suomenoja and Maari 14.10.2013

Nice sunny weather continues and i woke up quite early. Yesterday some guy found two Olive-backed Pipits at Turku and i was hoping long staying birds. Still no records today so i saved my gasoline money.
I went to Suomenoja and my main target was check bushes and leave the lake alone because there´s only some Mallards this time of the year.
I walked around the area near parking lot having some views of Robins, Black Woodpeckers, Little-spotted Woodpecker, Great-spotted Woodpecker, some Goldfinches, Siskins, Redpolls and Red Crossbills.
While i was photographing lonely Goldfinch i heard White-winged Crossbills call, but i did not find it.. Always nice specie to see/hear.



G-S Woodpecker.

These bushes are really worth of check every time. Last year i got Yellow-browed Warbler.

Just before i was leaving i had weird situation. I already put my camera and binoculars in my car when i saw three doves flying quite near. I quickly grab my binoculars and wow, European Turtle Dove flying with two Woodpigeons! I actually said it out loud but there was nobody near me! Birds went North and before i get my camera they were behind the trees..
Very unexpected bird and i was super happy. It is quite rare here and goes without saying, it was a year tick for me.
After Suomenoja i decided to check Maari birdtower, but when i arrived there, it was totally empty of birds... And i mean the meadow front of the tower not the tower by it self, hah.
Best birds were seven Ruffs and two White Wagtails.. Some Sparrow Hawks in the air and some ducks, but that was all.

Maari meadow. You can see my shadow front of the tower .

Nice day! Turtle Dove was year tick number 251 and i am way over my goal (250).
Rest of the week i have to work most of the time but next week is our main event of the autumn.
We are going to Säppi island in SW Finland. This is going to be real rarity hunt trip and lets hope that we found something.
If i have time i will post before that, but i not lets hear after our trip.

Blue arrow is Säppi and i live in Helsinki, so quite long drive. 


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