27. lokakuuta 2013

Day three, shitty weather. 23.10.2013

Like the topic says, the weather was bad.. Rain and fog, but very warm. This was good day to clean places, do some dishes and other that kind of activity. Some guys went to check some meadows but no luck.
It was almost afternoon when me and Petteri decided to check Hanhisto meadow and cape kräveli. No birds of course but lots of good talking about everything. Best birds were two Purple Sandpipers. Nice year tick for me.

Säppi panorama. 

We had good time when Petteri did all the work. 

Later Markus had one net open and we caught some Redpolls and Tits.
Later was Sauna again! :)

Juvenile Common Redpoll.

Me counting daily birds after slow day.


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