26. lokakuuta 2013

Säppi island. 21.10.2013

Just came back from Säppi island. I will post something from every day.
Me and Tomas Swahn stated from Espoo at 5am. Our destination was Pori and more specifically Reposaari where the long staying Sardinian Warbler spend time. We arrived at 8am and we were only people there... Okay i must say, the bird was found about a month ago, so we did not expect any traffic there.
It took about 2,5 hours to find the bird and quite many dudes saw the bird that day. This was fourth record Finland and of course lifer for me. I have seen lots of these in Israel but its real mega here. 

Morning lights in Reposaari.

Documentary photo of the Sardinian.

Later after coffee we met Petteri Mäkelä, Taru Suninen, Markus Lampinen and Teppo Lehtola and we made some grocery shopping. Lots of stuff for one week in island..At 1:30pm we met rest of the gang (3 x Rantanen and Holmes) and our boat to the island started same time. We arrived at 2pm and after we all get our stuff inside the house we start to check some places. 
Me, Taru and Markus went to put some nets on, but it was poor afternoon.. We got maybe one Blue Tit. 
Aki Rantanen saw Yellow-broved Warbler, but we were too lazy to twitch it.. Later we heard that Petteri found quite late Spotted Flycatcher. Later we came back to the house and just before the yard some dude told us about Hawk Owl sitting on weather vane. 

Hawk Owl. 
Very nice specie and quite rare there also. There is also lighthouse in the yard and we climbed there. Nice views. 

House at the right side is bird station and others are something else. 

Very nice start for our period. 


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