9. lokakuuta 2013

Memorable day in Kouvola and Lahti 9.10.2013

What a day we had with Markus Lampinen.. We had great plans to see Dusky Warbler in Kouvola and Pectoral Sandpiper in Lahti. Something went wrong today, badly...
When we arrived this morning to Kouvola rain was horrible... We walked around the Keltti area where the bird was yesterday but only thing we got was super wet clothes.
Rain stopped at 11 and after we had nice coffee break we went back to play some calls if the bird would be more active with familiar voice. Markus called to executive committee and it was okay to play tape there.
No answers and we decided to quit the searches...
Best birds during the search was flock of Pintails, flock of Long-tailed Ducks, White-tailed Eagle, Goshawk, flock of Redpolls and about 2000 Barnacle Geese.


Markus searching the Dusky Warbler.

Nice flock of Barnacle G´s.

Just before we left and alarm of Red-footed Falcon came quite near (40 km) and we wanted to check it.
There was two other cars going there and we just followed them.
When we arrived the bird was still present, but there was little problem.... The bird was Merlin. I was speechless.. It was actually little bit funny... We left very quickly towards Lahti where our second target species was.
Less than an hour drive and we arrived to Kujala landfill. High hopes were crushed when we noticed empty pool where it was earlier today... We had almost two hours there but nothing..
I must have done something bad because this happened.. This was actually funny again... I don´t have words for that feeling.. There was about 500 Herring Gulls but not much more...

Gulls in Kujala.

There it was.. 

So, no lifers today. Anyway i had great day with Markus and i think he had also good time. Maybe this means that we are going to have super trip to Säppi later this month. More about Säppi later.
Thanks Markus again.


2 kommenttia:

  1. Mielenkiintoista.
    Mahtava parvi hanhia.
    Itse aikaisemmin koetin kuvata Uusikylässä päin, viime kuun lopulla.
    Nyt on paljon joutsenia pelloilla, hanhet ovat menneet,

  2. Kiitoksia, mukava kuulla että ainakin kuvat miellyttää. Hanhet tosiaan matkalla pois suomesta, mutta kouvolan seudulla voi vielä nähdä joitain kymmeniätuhansia. -Tomppa