16. lokakuuta 2013

Sunny Hawk Owl. 16.10.2013

Sunny weather continues and i had full day off today. I checked some sightings from Helsinki and then i remembered that long staying Hawk Owl was seen yesterday quite near where i live.
I grab my stuff and went to Sibelius-park in Töölö where the Owl was seen. When i arrived i got info that the bird was missing and it was seen in flight about two hours earlier. I walked around the park checking all the trees but nothing.. Fieldfares were everywhere and i counted almost 200 around the park.
Later i found nice place where 14 Waxwings and Thrushes were eating Rowan fruits and i took some photos there. Finland is right now very beautiful place. Orange, yellow and red leafs in every tree and i was lucky to get some colorful pics.
Great-spotted Woodpecker.


Bohemian Waxwing. Juvenile.

Bohemian Waxwing.

And again. 

The park was also real beauty and can you imagine that this is only 2 km from city center.


Many colors. 

At some point i decided to leave and i was sure that the Owl was gone this time. Suddenly when i was walking to my car, i saw the Owl sitting in a tree!! Nice.
This year has been very good for Hawk Owls. Almost 400 records in one week, mostly in Southern Finland and this guy have been here since eight of October.

Northern Hawk Owl.

Always nice to see these birds. 

Today was also great day in Azores. Few my friends along the Western-Palearctic celebrity birders found Yellow-throated Warbler from Corvo island and this bird is first record for WP and Azores. Congratulations guys! That is something huge. More story later tonight in Tarsiger blog. Specie names are in English but the text is in Finnish. In English you can read Josh Jones blog.
Rest of the week i had to be at work before i go to Säppi island.


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