27. lokakuuta 2013

Day four, better and better. 24.10.2013

Morning was foggy again so we decided to walk around the island. The fog disappeared quite soon and we noticed that Common Gulls had nice movement to South.
Out of nowhere Petteri started to yell something about very odd looking bird. Very pale bird came with 30 Common Gulls and my first reaction was like "What a heck is that!?!?!" I quickly took some photos and it was clearly Arctic Skua. Then the bird landed just 30m away from us!  When it was sitting it looked little bit like Iceland Gull.

Arctic Skua. Leukistic bird. 

And again.

After 15 minutes it took off and went back to the sea. Thank god this bird came very close, i don´t want even know how odd looking this bird is when you watch it with your telescope and it is about 1km away.
After this super bird we decided to go back to the house and took our telescopes and go to the shore to have some sea-watch.
In three hours o got one Finish-tick, few year tick and it was good period. It took about and hour when Markus found 1cy Black-legged Kittiwake migratingn along the Common Gulls. I had little problems to find it first but luckily i saw it well little bit later! Other good birds were 11 Purple Sandpipers, 66 Razorbills, 3 Guillemots, 1125 Common Gulls, 21 Red-throated Divers, 17 Red-necked Grebes and Long-eared Owl.

Bad photo, but you can see Guillemot migrating with Long-tailed Ducks.

Later we had some second breakfast and then we went to check some meadows in Hanhisto and Kräveli.
In hanhisto we had many species of waders and its not common to see flock like this in late October.

Ruddy Turnstone, Common Ringed Plover and Grey Plover.

Also few Jack Snipes and Common Snipes there. We tried to find some good land birds but only 10 Meadow Pipits and few Snow Buntings. Nice surprise was lone Brent Goose.

Jack Snipe.

Brent Goose.
Highland Cattle herd was also walking trough the meadows.


Later evening we had little party because my finish-tick Kittiwake and also we had just that mood. :)


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