27. lokakuuta 2013

Day two in Säppi 22.10.2013

We had terrible night with lost of smoke and carbon monoxide... No details here but it was awful...
After i got my self out of bed i joined the others in shore to have some sea watch. NOthing special this time.. Best birds were two Shot-eared Owls and few Razorbills. Markus opened some nets but no birds..
We had some breakfast when Juha called and told about Palla´s Leaf Warbler. We wanted to see that so we ended our eating and went to Karinokka where Juha was waiting.

Petteri tries to tease Teppo with hes finstick. 

Morning light Snow Bunting. 

Great-spotted Woodpecker at Karinokka. Drinking individual. 

We walked along the shores back to the house and we took you telescopes to have another sea-watch at western part of the island.
Some Razorbills again with Red-throated Divers, Greater Scaups, 460 Common Scoters, few White-tailed Eagles etc.. Nice watch, lost of laughs and good company.
Later we went to sauna.

Evening Short-eared Owl.

Nice day, no rarities..


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