30. maaliskuuta 2014

Desert birding in Negev. 30.3.2014

Today we started from Eilat at 03:00 am.. I was super tired but i drove our car. We arrived to Nitzana at 06:00 am and soon after first lights we start to watch birds. First we checked the pools but nothing unusual there. Most of the birds were Little Grebes.

Nitzana pools.

Soon we left to the main area to find some Macqueen´s Bustards and Cream-colored Coursers.
Not long after we arrived to desert zone, Esko found lone Bustard sitting on a ground. But the main even was still coming. Out of nowhere the bustard started to display and looked very odd!! That was amazing, never seen this dance before. Here is some photos of the Bustard.




Soon we continued and i noticed Dutch team photographing something. Can´t remember who that was but some one of us noticed two Cream-colored Coursers running in the desert. Short stop and we were driving again towards other desert places. Lots of birds around, including Arabian Bablers, Spanish Sparrows, Stone Curlew etc.

Spanish Sparrow male.

After three hours all the places were checked and we continued our drive to Sde Boker. Lots of birds there also with nice views of Griffon Vulture, and Tristram´s Starlings.

Art photo of the Tristham´s Starling.

Our last place before North Beach was Mitzpe Ramon where we saw some White-crowned Wheatears and Rock Martins.

Nubian Ibex.

Juvenile White-crowned Wheatear. 

Later we went to the beach, but nothing interesting there. At 8 pm We had official launch of Champions of the Flyway, where we got nice food and there was all the teams having good time.
Tomorrow is last scouting day before the race. Wish us luck!


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