27. maaliskuuta 2014

Raptor day. 27.3.2014

This morning we woke up little too late because our alarm clock did not work. Anyway we checked the beach quickly and then went to the mountains. We had very nice 2,5 hours and about 5000 buzzards. 
Other species were less numerous but at least 150 Black Kites, 20 Steppe Eagles, 3 Lesser-spotted Eagles and four Ospreys. 
I also burned my face and now i´m sitting in our hotel having lots of  aloe vera lotions in my face! 

Black Kite.

Steppe Buzzard.

Steppe Eagle.

Booted Eagle.

Later we went to check km19 and km20 pools without any spectacular sighting. After pools we went to Yotvata which was super dead.. We left quickly after dinner. 
After Yotvata  was Ketura where we tried to find Namaque Dove, but no luck this time. Next stop was Lotan where we had nice flock of European Bee-Eaters. 

Bee Eaters.

After all this back to Eilat where we checked public site of bird station and ofira park. 
In park we had Collared Flycatcher and on Tree Pipit. 
Evenign sea-watch was again in North-Beach but nothing special there. 
Now tired and hungry, more text and better photos tomorrow. 


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