29. maaliskuuta 2014

Scouting day with experts. 29.3.2014

Today i had very nice scouting for the race with lots of people. Jonathan and Yoav managed whole day guided scouting for every team in the bird race.
We started from hotel agamim and first place was North Beach. We had Striated Heron flying there and possible White-cheeked Tern there with always nice Brown Booby.
After beach we went to check km 20 pools and other places before we had super breakfast at hotel agamim.

Striated Heron.

From hotell we went to Yoatvata to check if the Caspian Plovers would show them selves, but we had to leave without luck. We continued to Neot Smadar where rest of the guys ticked Pied Bushchat, finally. I was there third time and always bird has been there. Other good birds were Masked Shrike and Richard´s Pipit.

Stunning Masked Shrike.

Distant Richard´s Pipit. 

After spending enough time in Smadar, we continued to Ovda where Jonathan spotted small flock of Crowned Sandgrouses. Very nice! Also lots of Northern and Isabelline Wheatears around.

Crowned Sandgrouses.

Soon we continued to some odd mall where was big pool in side of it and there was some birds, maybe Moorhen only worth of mention..
After coffee we went to one of the coolest places so far. Big wadi with lots of bushes and acacias.
Lots of birds including two Ruppel´s Warblers, three Eastern Orphean Warblers, Sardinian Warbler, Scrub Warblers, Blue Throat, Hoopoe, Ortolan Bunting etc.

Blue Throat.

Finally we arrived our last place, to Yotvata sewage. Little Crake, Citrine Wagtails, Little Ringed Plover etc. Great ending. Also we saw very odd looking White Wagtail. Must check some photos, but it haves some features of Baicalensis-race White Wagtail. I´m super interested about this White Wagtail group, so this is very nice. Moore about this bird later.
I want to thank Jonathan Meyrav and Yoav Perlman for the day, we had great fun. Also thanks Matt, backseat yanks and other for great company.
Tomorrow is very early morning, need to go bed.


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