26. maaliskuuta 2014

Good to be here again. 25.3.2014

Oh man i waited this! We arrived to Tel Aviv after midnight. After fastest security checks ever here we got our car and slowly started to drive towards South. After few hours sun riced and we had some good stops before Eilat. Nicest birds were Griffon Vulture, White-eyed Duck, Arabian Babler and amazing 5000 White Storks!

I found this Arabian Babler  behind gas station.

Little Grebe.

And here is some photos of magnificent White Stork flock.

White Storks.

More White Storks.

We stopped in Mitzpe Ramon and we found some Rock Martins and Black Starts. Great views from the lookout place.
Mitzspe Ramon.

Later afternoon we arrived to Eilat and we checked few traditional spots before evening.

Feldegg race Yellow Wagtail.

Good to be back. More text next time.


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