12. maaliskuuta 2014

Spring birding 12.3.2014

I woke up and noticed great sunny weather. Had to go out and soon i was walking towards nearest water. There is at least two families of House Sparrows living very close my house and i had to took one good photo of handsome male bird.

So good looking bird! 

Not even 500m from my house is little bay from the ocean and there was lots of birds, because some of the ice is already gone. I counted 24 Canada Goose, two Tufted Ducks, 40 Mallards, 30 Common Gulls and one Black-headed Gull. I stopped there for 30 minutes and i got nice pics of Tufted Duck.

My house is just behind those houses. Looks like spring already.

Adult Black-headed Gull. 

Smiling Tufted Duck? It looks funny.

I guess not many adult Black-headed Gulls here at the time, so nice sighting.
I continued my walk along the shore and i noticed two 2cy Common Gulls flying quite near. Some how those are very good looking birds in that age and i waited with my camera if they will show up again.
Out of nowhere this monster came behind the house!

Gosh Hawk! Always nice to see these.

Nice surprise. I walked again and soon i was near Seurasaari. I tried to get some dramatic photos of Black Birds. You can decide how it went.

I think the background is good.

Not many other birds there.. 

Soon i entered to Seurasaari and near the bridge i had finally 2cy Common Gull. It´s not Herring Gull beauty but beauty anyway :)

Almost good photo. 

I walked around the island about 1,5 hours and i found one Winter Wren, one Woodpigeon, some Gold Creasts, lots of Green Finches, some Mute Swans and etc.. Nothing great there this time. Pigeon was my first in 2014.


Still lots of ice around. But hey, its March.

Nice walk and few new species for me for the year.
12 days and we are in Israel! Today i confirmed that we are going to take part of the Champions of the Flyway bird race. Out team will come on their website and you can support us there. More about that later here.
This was my only day off this week, so hear you next week i guess.


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