26. maaliskuuta 2014

First full day in Eilat. 26.3.2014

We started from the Eilat mountains and hoped to see some real raptor migration. Some Eagles this time but nothing spectacular. Migration was actually quite slow.

Great looking second calender year Steppe Eagle.

After mountais we checked km19 and km 20 pools. Lots of birds, including new Israeli species for me, Black-necked Grebe. Also Eastern Imperial Eagle showed nicely.
In km20 pools we had nice Greater Sandplover, lots of other waders, Flamingos and lots of Splender-billed Gulls.

Maybe 3rd calender year Eastern Imperial Eagle.

Greater Sandplover.
After pools we drove to Yotvata to have something to eat. Before we even ended our break we got info about Pied Bushchat in Neot Smadar!! Quickly we went back to car and i drove us there.
The bird showed very well and i got some pics of it. Pied Bushchat is MEGA in whole western-palearctic area. This bird is ninth for Israel and only 14th for Wp.
We spend one and a half hours there and lots of people came to look this eastern miracle.
This species was on my wishlist. There is one record from Finland of this species but i had too much work and other things when it was there and i missed it. Also lots of other birds aroudn Neot Smadar.
Female Pallid Harrier, Eastern Black-eared Wheatear, Bluethroats, Wryneck etc.


Pied Bushchat. 

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear.

Young Jarkko was also there. Notice weird hand in the photo, not mine.
Later we came back to Yotvata and we checked sewage area there. Lots of Yellow Wagtails, one Citrine Wagtail and Ruppel´s Warbler female and Bluethroats.

Red-spotted Bluethroat.

Masked Shrike.

At the evening we had nice sea-watch with other Finnish guys. Big flocks of Garganeys, Pallas Gull, three Arctic Skuas, Western Reef Heron, Greater Sandplover, Oystercatchers etc.

Flock of Garganeys.

Very nice day with lifer and some Israeli ticks. My Israeli list is now 330.
More talking tomorrow.


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