28. maaliskuuta 2014

Hot day with raptors, again. 28.3.2014

Today was again good only with the raptors. We arrived to mountains quite early and whole time large flocks of Buzzards and some Eagles migrated towards north-east.
We "counted" about 8000 Buzzards, 40 Steppe Eagles, 200 Black Kites, five Lesser-spotted Eagles and surprisingly one Levant Sparrowhawk. Here is some pics from the mountains.
Almost forgot to mention. Other Fins counted about 100 000 raptors from Avrams Pillars! Outstanding number..
Steppe Eagles.

Lesser-spotted Eagle.

Small flock of Buzzards.

After the mountains we tried to twitch Daurian Shrike from Neot Smadar but no luck.. Pied Bushchat was still present showing well when we were there.
We continued our drive to Ketura where we had pair of Namaque Doves and lots of other pigeons.
Next destination was Yotvata where we spend long time trying to find good birds.
Flock of five Lesser Kestrels, Hen Harrier, Arabian Bablers and other birds were nice.

Hen Harrier.

Lesser Kestrel male.

Same species in flight.

Nice birds indeed.
Next stop was IBRC salt pools but nothing special there.. After this we went to the beach to have some sea-watch. In the beach we met Erkki and Roni and other people watching the sea. Brown Booby showed well.

Brown Booby trough my telescope.

Later we went to hotel Agamim to join Champions of the flyway opening night. I introduced our team The Northern Lights and we had good time with other racers. Tomorrow i will join in guided scouting with leading birder Yoav Perlman and Jonathan Meyrav. Let´s hope lots of birds and good species.
More of that tomorrow.
Good night.


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