31. maaliskuuta 2014

Short day before Champions of the Flyway bird race. 31.3.2014

Today i decided to take easy day and some rest before the bird race tomorrow. I woke up very early and Jände gave me a ride to IBRC bird station. Roni Was there waiting for me and together with him and other volunteer we had great time. Lots of birds came from the nets and helgoland traps. I also saw "one hour snake", which real name could be Palestine Saw-scaled Viper?
After is spend more than five hours there, Erkki came and gave me a ride to hotel Agamim where i met Jonathan to have some chat about the race and our route. When i came back to our hotel and then went to store, i saw two European Rollers flying over the city straight to the North! New Israeli tick for me.
Here is some pics from the day.

Eastern Bonelli´s Warbler.

Israel national bird Hoopoe.

Palestine Saw-scaled Viper

Rueppel´s Warbler.


Thanks to Roni, Yael, Buzz, Matt and Theresa for company.
Now some rest. Let´s see what happens in the race!


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