26. elokuuta 2012

A day off, 26.8.2012

This was really day off... I woke up at 9:am and after long nice breakfast i decided to walk around little bit.
There was bad weather, windy and all that shit.
I got some photos of Grey Heron, Common ringed Plover and landscapes.
When i came back, Jände and Esko wanted to drive around. I jumped in the car and my first notice was that we are almost out of gasoline.
We drove to the normal gas-station but it was closed.. Same time our car told that we are really close to empty gas tank. We decided to drove to Kilkee and we were sure that there is open station.
Well, there was not... We asked from several people and then we got this info that in Kilrush is open station. 8miles drive and we didn´t know our gas situation. "Refuel" light were blinking!
But like in many stories, we had our happy ending.
What a story... We saw few Starling flock from the car and we had Nialls Buff-breasted Sandpiper place where i saw two Red-billed Coughs, no Sandpipers!
We came back and when others wanted to sleep, me and Tuukka went to a little walk and check the gardens near by.

Heron with something eatable. 

Red Bill!

Common Plover.

Ugly young Robin.

We had many Robins, Wrens, Great and Blue Tits and flock of Common Snipes! Great.
Tomorrow, i hope is better day.
Thanks and good night.



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