28. elokuuta 2012

Why photographing must be so hard? 28.8.2012

I was thinking why taking photos is so hard. I have shot maybe 80000 photos in my life and maybe 80 has been really good. So one in a 1000! That´s crazy! Why we even do this?
Here is my top7 of failures. There could be more but i did not had energy to check all my files.

Night Heron eating huge fish.

Bee-eater flight.

Sooty Shearwater.

Graceful Prinia in flight.

Yellow-broved Warbler.

Indian Roller. 

And finally my masterpiece:

Perfect position, light, sharp, everything. Imperial Eagle.

So, it´s hard sometimes. Luckily there is always others with same problems :)
Or is it just me?
If i just don´t have those skills.


-tired Tomppa-

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