14. elokuuta 2012

Snow Goose, 13.8.2012

Some dude found Snow Goose "blue morph" at Kirkkonummi.
Jari Laitasalo put me message if i´d like to go and twitch.
I wonder for a while and i came to the conclusion that i have to go with Jari.
My shift ended at 6pm and i drove to Pitäjänmäki where Jari waited me.
After 40minute drive we stopped near the place were Goose was, but we didn´t saw it there.
Jari made some calls and we get info that bird is still there.
Little drive and we arrived to the Saltfjärden bird towers parking lot. We started walking trough the tower when Jari saw all the Gooses in flight.
Quickly we put our telescopes up and Jari found the bird flying with Greylag Gooses! Nice!
I was trying to take some photos trough the telescope but it was impossible :)
Soon Goose flock landed again and we continued our walk to the tower. Many birder walk opposite direction so there was atleast room in the tower.
We meet many familiar guys there. And almost everybody had good time. Sadly few people missed this Goose by few minutes when it flew behind the tall trees..

We had good twitch and thank you Jari for company. Thanks also Petri and other guys for company.

Sorry for photoless post. There is photo of that bird by Petri, if you guys want to see.



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