1. elokuuta 2012

Ruokolahti Summer house 27-29.7.2012

We had very nice weekend at Sarinas mother´s summer house.
Ruokolahti is in South-East Finland and there was about 3,5 hour drive. On the road i saw few Kestrels, one Hobby and other common birds of course.
Most of the weekend i tried to have some photos of Black-throated Divers but all the time those magnificent birds were too far away... I had couple shots of flying bird and some distance shots but that´s all..

Black-throated Diver.

Flock of 5 Divers.

There were no many birds but many was unexpected.
I had one Three-toed Woodpecker near the summer house, few Hazel Grouses, two Honey Buzzards, at least two Greenish Warblers, 3 European Nightjahrs and one Ural Owl when i was driving back home. Owl was actually sitting quite open, but Sarina was little bit pissed about something what i said, so i did not have the courage to stop the car... :)
Here is some photos of from the summer house.

Some bug.

Sunset at the lake.

Lesser Black-bagged Gull.

Mallard steps.

As you can see, there wasn´t many birds showing well, so photos are from common birds... Sarina said later that i could have stop the car when i saw the Owl, but how i can know... Next time maybe.
Sorry for a late post... Now i have rest of the week off work, so i have time to watch some birds.



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