24. elokuuta 2012

More slow in Ireland. 24.8.2012

We woke up at 6am and there was nightmare weather.. Wind from East and quite heavy rain.. Esko stayed at the hotel but me Tuukka and Jände went to the Bridges of ross. Almost first birds what Tuukka saw was two Sabine´s Gulls!! Lifer for Tuukka and year tick for me and Jände. I saw one bird in Estonia 2009 with Jände.
Rest of the time we actually spoke trash and bullshit. Same time Irish guys saw four Balearic Shearwaters.. Nice, lifer flew quite near again..
We came back after 2 hours, wet and tired of course.. We saw 4 Great Skuas, one Pomarine Skua, 150 Manx Shearwaters, 4 Sooty Shearwaters and on our way back, Peregrine Falcon flew over road and frightened Starlings in the air.
Next place after dry clothes was Loop Head very near the hotel. I tried to photo some Fulmars and Gannets but it was hard again.. From the sea we saw few hundreds of Manx Shearwaters and flock of some Dolphins!

Some Fulmar photos.

This one watched others flying around.

Flying machine.

Gannet of course.

Jände found one very tame Dunlin from headland and i got some pics of it too.

Dunlin eats something.

After Loop Head we drove to the Carrigaholt beach where we tried to find some waders. There was actually many waders but most of those were Redshanks, Ringed Plovers, Turnstones and some other bullshit.
just before we were leaving, just married couple came with bestmans and maid of honors to the beach and started to take some marriage photos. We decided to leave quite quick!
We had nice meal in the Carrigaholt and then we came back to the hotel. Boys are tired and tomorrow is going to be legendary sea-watching day so maybe it´s better to rest.
This little youngster were just 30m away of our hotel.

First year Gannet.

I forgot mention earlier, i got Red-billed Chough on my lifer list. We saw day before yesterday and yesterday few birds.
Today was clearly day off. Tomorrow we are back in good shape and fresh eyes.



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