28. elokuuta 2012

Last day in Ireland. 27.8.2012

Last day and i checked out from window. Rain again... At that moment, it was good idea to continue sleep.
Jände went to the Bridges of Ross and there was nice sunny morning with average migration!
Around 9 i woke up and after long breakfast we packed our bags and gave up our rooms.
Jände told that some guys had Ring-billed Gull in Doonbeg! We went there first but no American gull there...
Only normal Dunlins and Sanderlings. Only new birds were 9 Sandwich Terns.


Common ringed Plover.

Today´s main target was Shannon airport lagoon. We arrived there about 1:30pm and first we had little problems to find the right place where most of the birds were.
First new Irish tick was Little Egret (4), then we noticed huge flock of waders.
We were in wrong place :)
Quick transition and right place found.

Black-tailed Godwits!

Huge flock of Black-tailed Godwits, many Dunlins and Redshanks.
We started to scan the flock and i found Spotted Redshank with Redshanks.
Of course we tried to find some rare wader from America but there were none.
Here is some numbers:
Redshank 40
Spotted Redshank 1
Dunlin 150
Black-tailed Godwit 650!
Little Egret 4
Lapwing 6
I have never seen such a flock of Godwits. Wow, really.
That was actually our last real bird place.. We had quick watch in Dublin after that and we saw Little Egret there also but that was the end...

This was nice experience for me, i got many new species of course (7).
I´d like to thank Niall Keogh, Lee Gregory and other guys who had time in Bridges of Ross.
Special thanks for Tuukka, Jände and Esko, without you i would have been in many troubles.
I can fully recommend Hotel Lighthouse Inn for every one. Staff is nice and helpful. Im definitely going back some day.
If you want to check what is going to happen in Bridges of Ross, read here: http://seabirdwatchireland.blogspot.ie/



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