3. elokuuta 2012

Pacific Golden Plover twitch and else. 2.7.2012

My uncle called me yesterday when i was still sleeping. "There is Pacific Golden Plover still present at Pyhtää" I jumped up and after 10minutes i was waiting at the bus stop a ride.
I was actually too quick, and i had waited 13 minutes when Jände arrived.. In the car was also my grandpa and he´s friend Helena. We gave them a ride to our summerhouse witch was about half a way to Pyhtää.
We arrived to the Plover place about 1 hour later and bird was gone... There was few people watching the area but nothing... We met Jändes old friend Seppo Sarvanne there and most of the time we just talked about birds and other things.. After an hour i put negative update to the alarm system "Pacific Golden Plover, pyhtää, nothing after morning" This was my second failure about this specie..

Place where the bird was found..

Soon Jände had to go to work so i got ride to home and i decided to go Finnå again.
I took only binoculars and camera and i stated to walk the area. I walked to the East-side tower and when i looked to the lake i was sure that im watching Little Grebe! It´s nice specie here and i was happy. I knew that there was some sightings about the Little Grebe earlier, so maybe that helped me to ID it.
Other birds were normal boring as usual but one weird thing was that Tufted Duck female had still 4 very little nestlings. Maybe it´s second brood for the year.

Female Wigeon had also few youngsters.

Northern Shoveler.

Tufted Duck female.

After Finnå i went to the Maari bird-tower. There was few people and some older guy shoved me a nice flock of 13 Red Knots! Most of my Red Knot sightings are migrating birds but it´s nice to see flock like this, standing on the meadow.

Red Knots.

There was also good numbers of other Calidris-waders. Dunlin 98, Little stint 1 and Curlew Sandpiper 3.

This Hobby mixed the meadow totally. Every wader jumped in to the air.

When i was leaving, i mentioned about the Little Grebe to the older guy, and he immediately said that it´s Slavonian Grebe and there was many twitchers who watched Slavonian as a Little.. I was quite sure what i saw earlier and i did not even know that you can mixed up with those two species..
The suspicion grew and i had to go back and check this bird again.
I took now only my telescope and binoculars. I checked the whole lake and i saw only one Slavonian...
Maybe it is possible to mix up these two different looking birds...
I could stop thinking that how many twitcher haves this Slavonian in their year or lifer list as a Little Grebe :)
I got nice lesson about Grebes now and maybe next time i know what specie it is..
How sad.... hah. Next time better birds please!



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