9. elokuuta 2012

Pigeons in Haltiala, 8.8.2012

Today, or actually yesterday i had some time before i have to go to work.
I went to Haltiala where is nice big fields and it´s average place to watch raptors i guess.
First 20minutes i had to talk with some strange old guy who told me about he´s journeys in Ukraine and how he saw some Egrets and Swifts and how raptors hunt rabbits... Thank god he have to continue he´s walk...
First raptor what i saw was Kestrel, so i thought that this could be nice day for raptors.
Windy and cloudy so conditions were good.
Soon i noticed that there is no raptors and only birds were Woodpigeons and there was almost 500 of those. Flock were eating something from the field and i got some nice looking flock photos.

Flock of Woodpigeons.

And again.

Two Northern Goshawks were very interested about these Pigeons and one even got prey!
Both Goshawks were this years chicks so 1cy.
That was actually almost all what i saw... Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler were jumping in the trees and some Fieldfares had movement.
Now working and next post maybe next weekend.



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