3. lokakuuta 2012

Good migration in Hanko, 3.10.2012

This day started nicely when Tatu had Short-eared Owl from the net and we had opportunity to photo this awesome bird!
Our constant watch started today at 7:45am. I went to the bunker and Aatu was there already when i arrived. Other guys were at the nets again so we had responsibility of the watch first.
Passerines started slowly but soon migration was good and nice numbers were counted. Sparrow Hawks had some movement again and numbers were almost same as yesterday. Most numerous specie was Siskin and then Blue Tit, Chaffinch and Great Tit. One Rough-legged Buzzard flew south.
Tatu had most of the headlands nets and some times i had time to train with him. We had nice numbers of Blue Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Jays, Goldcrests and some other birds.

Short-eared Owl if funny looking bird!

Sparrow Hawks, 1cy and +1cy Male.

Jay, sitting on a tree.

Like yesterday, Dick Forsman came to station and i hope he had nice hours in the area, also there was some group of 20 people visiting here today so we had nice traffic here today. We had one Peregrine but sadly big group did not saw it.
I was hanging with Dick or with Tatu most of the afternoon and we had Little Woodpecker from the net and maybe the highlight of the day. Jari started to yell something about Eagle and finally i heard "Golden Eagle coming from north!!!"
Dick found it immediately and me and Tatu just seconds after that.
Bird were just gliding towards us and we waited it like little boys wait their weekly candy. Gorgeous Eagle came above us and we had nice shots about it! What a super bird!

2cy Golden Eagle. What a super bird!

Little Woodpecker.

One of the many Long-tailed Tits.

Here is some numbers of the migrating birds for today.

Golden Eagle, 1 2cy
Peregrine Falcon, 1
Sparrow Hawk, 217
Merlin, 2
Rough-legged Buzzard, 1 S
Chaffinch, 4144
Siskin, 5697
Blue Tit, 1086
Great Tit, 103
Jay, 187
Nutcracker, 5
Barn Swallow, 35
Meadow Pipit, 210
Woodpigeon, 284
Linnet, 55
Redpoll 14

So, as you can see, or read, this was nice day here in Hanko bird-station. Let+s still hope that tomorrow will be better.
Rare birds are rare but i have lot´s of hope for that. Owl rounds will continue normally, so maybe i have more Owl photos tomorrow.

Later, Jari bring me this beauty :)

Tengmalm´s Owl, 1cy.



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