4. lokakuuta 2012

Still lots of birds, 4.10.2012

My day started at 5:15am when Jari showed me Awesome Pygmy Owl! I took few photos and continued my sleep.
Constant watch started again at 7:45 and twhen i arrived to the bunker, Aatu was normally there before me. Migration was good from the beginning, mostly Chaffinches and Siskins.
Sparrow Hawks had still movement, but not so much as yesterday.

Pygmy Owl.

Wind came stronger all the time and after constant watch, some times there were hard to stay in the bunker.
Best bird for the day came from net when Tatu catch Nuthach! Nice bird indeed.

European Nuthach race Europae, female. 

Today´s weather was little bit bad when compare last few days, wind and then after 3pm rain started...
luckily we did hard work before it and here is some numbers from today´s watch.

Sparrow Hawk, 181
Common Buzzard, 5
Peregrine, 1
Woodpigeon 6576
Wood Lark 22
Blue Tit 574
Chaffinch 4392
Brambling 1443
Siskin 1575

White-tailed Eagle.

Honey Buzzard.

Woodpigeons had good day.

As you can see, Woodpigeon was most numerous bird today. Photos are bad because of poor light conditions and my poor tele-objective :)
In the end, i have to congratulate my good friend Petteri Mäkelä today. He saw 400th specie today for he´s finish list. Syke´s Warbler is great rarity and it´s good milestone specie. This Warbler was found by Gustav Nordensvan yersterday from Söderskär island, southern Finland. Great work both of you guys.
I think more stuff about the Syke´s can found in Petteris blog http://himopointsaaja.blogspot.fi/

Hope there is some moments with out rain tomorrow and we can see even few birds.



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