1. lokakuuta 2012

Start. 1.10.2012

I drove to Hanko today and my destination was Hanko bird-station.
I have 7day period here so i will update every day if it´s possible.. Hope so!
My drive was quite quick and because of rain, there wasn´t many birds in the air. I had about 1000 flock of Chaffinches, one Merlin, few Sparrow Hawks and one Common Buzzard. So not much..
After grocery store, i arrived to the station where Jari, Aatu, Tatu, Ohto and Teemu had well deserved siesta, after long day.
There´s no much to otell about this day because i just came here, but let´s hope we get some Owls tonight. Last night these guys had 18 Tengmalm´s Owls!

Our nice station.

From the bunker.

Let´s see what tomorrow brings to us.



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