12. lokakuuta 2012

Hume´s Leaf Warbler in Helsinki, 12.10.2012

I do little twitching today. All started yesterday when some people found Yellow-browed Warbler from Tähtitorninmäki, Helsinki. I wasn´t interested about that so i did other things.
Last night Petteri Mäkelä saw some pics of the bird and he put email on our email-list and he thought that this birds is Hume´s Leaf Warbler.
So, Andreas Lindén and Olavi Kemppainen found the bird this morning, and they put alarm of possible Hume´s.
I went there and when i arrived, there was few people trying to see this bird.
We found the bird quite quickly and i was pretty sure about the Hume´s when i saw it. It did not have second stripe on the wing, bill was almost completely dark, overall color was more like grey than green,
call was very same than "hily" Chiffchaffs have and no like Yellow-browed Warbler.
I have seen this specie only once before in Finland, once in Estonia and one bird in Kuwait, so i don´t have much experience of this one.
Here is some photos.

This is not good pic at all... 

Little bit better. 


More and better photos you can see in Kari Haatajas blog

This was nice little bonus on my year list.



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