7. lokakuuta 2012

Unexpected day. 6.10.2012

Last night Petteri Lehikoinen and Kari Soilevaara came to the station and evening went little late.
I jumped up at 7am and after quick breakfast i was walking to the tower.
Wind was hard but sun was shining! Finally clear weather and good photo conditions.
From the beginning Blue Tits, Chaffinches, Woodpigeons, and Long-tailed Tits had nice moving and there was lot´s watching. Soon Markus Varesvuo join us in the tower.

Morning was beautiful and sunny. 

Jari and Tatu had nets open of course and soon we noticed that they catch way to much birds for two ringers! Petteri and me went to the nets and after 2 hours, we were still taking Blue Tits out of same net!
Did you get the idea how much birds there were?
Same time some Gosh Hawks and lot´s of other birds past the tower.
After 3 or 4 hours in the nets i went back to tower to notice that there was still strong Blue Tit move.
It´s nice to count birds when they fly so near that you don´t need binoculars.

This beauty Lesser Black-backed Gull past tower at afternoon.

Nice flock of Cranes came above the tower.

In Finland, we called this Nisari witch is nick name of Accipiter Nisus.

This one had little bit pissed face.

Specie of the day. Blue Tit.

Some Barnacle Gooses migrate today.

About after 3pm, i had to go eat something and soon others came also inside.
After food, i started to count our constant watch numbers on computer and my phone rang.

Next call chanced my whole day ens even the next day.
This day was unexpected because my dear girlfriend lost she´s keys and wallet when she was celebrating one of  she´s friends birthday in ship cruise.

So, i had only keys.. There was nobody in the house so i called to Jari and told that i have to leave..
Sad but what you can do if somebody is in trouble..
Quick packing and straight to the car. 130km later i was home.

This period in Hanko was great fun. I must thank Tatu, Aatu, Ohto, Teemu, Petteri, Kari, Kalle and especially Jari. We had good time together. I learn lot of things from Jari when i was hanging with him on the nets.
Let´s hope we have more periods like this in the future.
One Finish tick is not bad in 5days.



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