22. lokakuuta 2012

Still some birds 22.10.2012

Finally i had time to go out... I have worked a lot and weather has been super poor in this October..
I noticed blue sky and almost no wind when my girlfriend woke me up. I had night shift last night so it was afternoon already.. Quick breakfast, some clothes on and on my way.
I was arrived to Finnå at 2:35pm and of course there were enough clouds, so no photographing conditions.
Place was quite dead.. Some Blue Tits, Great Tits and Fieldfares make little bit noise, but that was it..
Soon i noticed also few mallards, but if im honest, that did not cheer me up!

In the lake was about 20 ducks and most of them was Gadwalls. Few Coots, Common Goldeneyes,Tufted Ducks and one Showeler. Most of the ducks have already leave and next weeks forecast gives us minus degrees at nights so i think there will be less birds very soon.


Blue Tit was common, of course.

Actually there was only one place where was good numbers of birds. I found a flock of Tits, Goldcrests and one Chiffchaff! I had quite poor views about the Chiffchaff but i´m quite sure that it´s not Siberian or anything else rare subspecies. And it´s not even important because Siberian Chiffchaff is not a specie and you can´t have a tick when you see such a thing. :)

One of the last birds i saw there, Teal.

Flock of Gold Finches. 

Over 300 Fieldfares went to the East over parking lot. 

So, no rarities of course... But it was nice to see some birds after long time..
I have only one shift at work this week, so i have plenty of time to check places.
Pine Grospeaks have some movement and today somebody saw one in Espoo.. Maybe this is the week.
Wish me luck.



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