29. lokakuuta 2012

More Grosbeaks and little green surprise. 29.10.2012

I start my day at Maari bird-tower. When i arrived there, i was in shock.. Almost whole bay was frozen...
Closest birds were about 1km away.. I check the open are with telescope and best birds were 4 Smews..
It was quick visit...

Ice ice ice.. 

When i was walking back to my car, i saw 3 Pine Grosbeaks in Rowan tree near my car.
I took few pics of those mighty arctic wanderers and i continued my trip in Suomenoja.

Female Grosbeak.

I walked only 100m of my car when i noticed little flock of tits hanging in the vegetation. I went closer and whole flock jumped in the air. Then i noticed little green birds among the tits and i identified it Phylloscopus-Warbler.
Warbler stopped in the next tree and then i saw strong eyebrow stripe and two clear wing-bars. Nice Yellow-browed Warbler! I was still thinking, could this be Hume´s Leaf Warbler, but then bird made few calls and sound was clear Yellow-browed.
I had just time to take few pics of bird before it disappeared with Tits. I checked my pics and i noticed that my camera settings were very wrong... nice! Almost white frames and way too much light..

This was only acceptable photo... 

I put message to our alarm system and soon first twitcher came. We tried to find the bird together, but no luck... I walked around the are but only birds i saw were Gold Finches, Siskins and one Song Thrush.

Anybody home? 


I left after an hour and more people came. I checked from the internet if people found the bird later but no positive news, sadly.
This was nice day and my first self-found Yellow-browed.
Tomorrow i have my birthday, so no time to watch birds. Sarina promised to take me in to the restaurant, so good time is coming.
Next weekend in Estonia, let´s hope rare birds and good stuff.



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