25. lokakuuta 2012

Rowan fruit pickers 25.10.2012

Oh wow what a nice day i had!
Before i tell anything, i must mentioned about one Pine Grosbeak witch i heard day before yesterday! What a nice bird on my year-list.
Okay, morning was not that nice because i start from Töölö and i tried to twitch Hawk Owl witch had been there two days.
After an hour i had to leave with empty hands.. I continued my day in Seurasaari and it was nice to visit there after long time. First bird what i saw when i came out of my car was Great-spotted Woodpecker.
I walked about 500m and i noticed huge flock of Fieldfares and Bohemian Waxwings eating Rowan fruits.
There was so many birds that i did not have to move anywhere! I count about 150 Fieldfares and 40 Waxwings. Also Tits were common again and when i took some Rowan fruits on my hand, Great and Blue Tits jumped on my hand and took some food. Even one Coal Tit came on my hand.

Bohemian Waxwing.

Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Mute Swan.


I was in the island about an hour when i had to leave. I promised to Sarina that we go to the gym together.
After gym, same good sunny weather continued and i had to go out again.
I went to the Lauttasaari because i knew there is lots of Rowan trees.
I parked my car and when i came out of my car, i saw lot´s of Rowan trees around the parking lot.
I checked first trees and there was two Pine Grosbeaks!! First birds.. It was super feeling!
I went closer with my camera and i know these birds are unbelievably tame, so i was not too worried of scaring  them away.

Male Pine Grosbeak.

Same male again.

Adult female or 1cy male.

It´s hard to put age on these birds because adult female and 1cy male have same features and there is no size difference or anything in the structure.
I let these magnificent birds to eat alone and continued my walk to the beach. There was also many Rowan trees but no Grosbeaks there. Waxwings, Fieldfares, Blackbirds and Bullfinches were common. Also some Goosanders and Wigeons were swimming in the ocean.

Male Bullfinch. 

When i walked back, i noticed 7 Pine Grosbeaks sitting in the same tree where two were earlier! I went closer but same time some dude started he´s car and all Grosbeaks jumped in the air... One was actually left to sing in top of the tree! But it soon went to somewhere.
So here was little bit arctic birds for you guys. Hope you like!
This weekend i have birthday so it´s more like partying than birds.



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