5. lokakuuta 2012

Wind and rain... 5.10.2012

We have such a terrible weather here, so i can post my blog already. I woke up at 7am but weather was horrible.. I continued my sleep and little bit after 8am i had to get up and check the situation.
Jari was at the bunker but soon he came back to the station where he told that there was only few birds in flight and one Goose flock.


Wind again.

Later afternoon rain stopped finally and wind was not so hard anymore. I went out and i managed to take even one bird photo for this day.
Flock of 24 Greylag Goose flew near my position. Also one Goshawk, many Goldcrests and other common stuff were seen.


Tomorrows forecast is much better, so let´s hope it´s right this time.
At least people have now time to make some useful things here in station. Or not.. :)



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