30. syyskuuta 2013

Last day in Estonia. 29.9.2013

I came home at 7.30am this morning and because we did not have any good internet connection, i had to write this now.
Last morning was rainy and wet and we left from Sörve B.O. quite early with Titi and Jari. We took ferry to the mainland and then we drove to  cape Pösaspea to watch some arctic waterfowl migration.

Always nice to visit in Sörve B.O.

On our way we saw few flocks of geese, few Buzzards but nothing really interested until we were quite close of Pösaspea and i spotted Ural Owl from our car window!
Quick reverse and bird was still there. Lifer for Titi and Estonian tick for Jari, i did not get any ticks but i was happy.

Awesome Ural Owl. 

After few pics we continued to the cape where we met Annika Forsten, Antero Lindholm and two Swedish guys.
They told that migration was very strong earlier and its getting slower now. We did not care about that and i put my telescope ready and i started to screen the ocean.
Lots of Velvet Scoters, Greater Scaups, Barnacle Goose, Brent Goose, Long-tailed Ducks, Wigeons and lots of other birds went South-West.
Of course we missed most of the birds but i was very pleased that we saw even these birds.
There was also two very rare and endangered birds that afternoon.
I checked normally quite big flock of  Barnacles, i did not saw two different birds in lower line of the flock. Somebody yelled that there is something and its worth of watch.
I found the birds and my first reaction was Lesser White-fronted Geese!! It was rapid moment but i had that feeling which is often right.
We had conversation about id of these birds and Swedish guys were sure that those were really Lesser WF Geese, so i put it on Estonians alarm system.
This was my third observation about this specie in Estonia and first really spontaneous. European population is now about 20 breeding pairs and 60-80 birds totally.(Wikipedia)

Sea watching in Estonians best location.

Mute Swan.

Greater Scaups.

Velvet Scoters.

Brent Geese.

At some point migration was very slow and we went to check different locations near by but nothing really interesting this time. Harverssi, which is good place for waders was almost empty.. Two Curlew Sands, 15 Dunlins, two Little Stints and some Ruffs, Ringed Plovers and lonely Wood Sandpiper. Later we drove back to Tallinn and we had over night ferry back to Helsinki. New experience for me.

Black Redstart male.

Very good trip with scarce and rare birds. Special thanks to Jände, Juha, Titi and Jari. Now i have 5 evenign shifts in a row so next posts after those.


28. syyskuuta 2013

Lots of stuff in Sörve B.O. 28.9.2013

We woke up at 6.30am and soon after coffee we put some nets on. In two hours we got great catch.. Two Dunnocks and two Robins.. what is that, really? Also on of the most legendary bird ringer in Estonia was here to watch some ringing! Maybe it was hes fault that we did not get any birds?
After this session we went to check if the Isabelline Wheatear was still present, and it was. Had to took some photos again.

Bird of the week was still present. 

Few flocks of Geese went south. 

After the wheatear we came back to the bird station and when i went out Juha was talking with some guy and girl. They showed us great photo of Northern Hawk Owl which was very near the station. Me and Juha went to look at it but that time it was gone. Then we get Jände and Titi, and we went to look at it from neighboring areas. It took almost two hours and we were actually coming back to the station when Mati Martinson came to told us that Owl was just there. Juha walked little bit and soon found the bird.
Me and Jände took the car trying to take some photos of it.
Here is the result.

Hawk Owl! 

We had also this kind of raptors today. Little bit better pic today. 
Sparrow Hawk.

Afternoons project was Isabelline Wheatear again. Small group of Estonian top twitchers were on their way and we had to help those dudes.
First was very hard. Bird did not showed up like earlier and we had to do real work to find it.
Finally after 40 minutes Rene found the bird walking on a field.


Happy twitchers! 

Later is time for Sauna and other evening happening. Tomorrow plans are still open.. Maybe back to the main land and some birding there, lets see.


27. syyskuuta 2013

First day in Estonia 27.9.2013

So, i am in Estonia now. Jari and Titi took me in to their car yesterday and we took evening ship to Tallin. After the boat and two hour driving we arrived to Sutlepa where we had first very short night. 
Four hours sleep and then we drove to the ferry to Saarenmaa. Jände and Holmes found Estonians first Isabelline Wheatear from Sörve. 
We arrived before noon but it was raining.. After we get our stuff in side of the bird station the rain stopped and we had little change to find the bird. 
Soon after we arrived to the place we found the bird! Beautiful wheatear was posing on a hedge. 

Very friendly Bean Goose.

Isabelline Wheatear. First for Estonia.

Rest of the day we just drove around the area, hoping some real rarities.Tomorrow i will put some nets on with Juha and we are going to get some real birds. 

Herring Gull specie. 

Great grey Shrike.

Golden Plover. Sadlly not pasific or american.

Great day today. Wheatear was estonian tick number 278. 
Super tired now so just quick post. Tomorrow i try to to better job. 


22. syyskuuta 2013

Yellow-browed Warbler and else in Lauttasaari. 22.9.2013

Like the topic says, we had nice day in Lauttasaari with Jände. First stop was Nackapuisto where we met Markku and Biti Ojala, Pekka Rusanen and Timo Vilkka. Pekka had some nets on.
Lots of birds around the place and in three hours we had Rough-legged Buzzard, many Common Buzzards, at least one Honey Buzzard, Merlin, White-tailed Eagle, many Sparrow Hawks, Caspian Tern, Black and Red-throated Divers, Black Woodpecker and the highlight, Yellow-browed Warbler. Thanks Markku, great finding.
Sadly the bird took off very soon after we all heard it.

Grey Heron arrives.

Female Black Woodpecker. 


After we left, Matti Rekilä invited us to drink some coffee in the cottage which is also in Lauttasaari.
Because we were so close, we decided to go of course.
The place was super nice and we had great time. Thanks Masa and Iira for the company, it was nice to see you after long time.

Nice day with good people.
Next few days i have to work, but weekend is free again, so maybe then i will post again.


21. syyskuuta 2013

Finally something. 21.9.2013

Finally some birding. Today i went out with my uncle Jände. He had hes new Swarowski binoculars and it seems that those are working really good.
We start from the Kaivopuisto where we had only lone Spotted Flycatcher, some Chiffchaffs, Blue Tits and Chaffinches.

Natural background and Chiffchaff. 

After Kaivopuisto we decided to check Saltfjärden in Kirkkonummi. About 30km drive and we arrived to the parking lot where was lots of cars and some guys. Long staying Pallid Harrier was seen today but we did not have any luck with that.
Much of local birds there, including some White-tailed Eagles, Common Buzzards, Barnacle and Greylag Goose. We spend about an hour in the parking lot having only few good birds. Lonely Rough-legged Buzzard was highlight of the day.

Little flock of Cranes.

Distant Rough-legged Buzzard. 

After Saltfjärden we went to Lauttasaari very near where i live. Our friend Tuukka found Yellow-browed Warbler earlier today and we wanted to see that.
No luck with that today... We had almost two hours in Lauttasaari but not any good birds today

Same time around the Finland, Yellow-browed Warblers are jumping in every tree. Over 250 birds so far this autumn! I think new record of these is coming soon and for example Petteri and guys found 14 birds in one island today. Nice job!
I had one bird few days a go in Kaivopuisto where i am working now. Bird  was still present day after that.

Tomorrow i will spend more time trying to find some good birds.


16. syyskuuta 2013

Recent days.. 16.9.2013

I have been very busy recent days.. I started new job so i have to be there a lot. Today i tried to twitch Yellow-browed Warbler from Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, but no luck this time.. There has been already over 150 records this autumn in Finland, so i am quite confident that i will see it soon.
Next weekend i will make some time for the birds so hear you soon. No photos this time..
Today some guy found Little Bustard from Imatra, but that was too fay away.



8. syyskuuta 2013

Great day 8.9.2013

Today i woke up and noticed that there is huge influx of Pallid Harriers in nearby areas. First i went to Suomenoja, hopping that one will fly near enough. I had 20 minute watch there and i checked our alarm-system. Local Richard´s Pipit and many Pallid Harriers in Degerby Inkoo, quite near Helsinki.


Pochard with mud face.

Degerby is about 47km away of Helsinki so i had 30 minute drive. I arrived there and there was big flock of people, i noticed my friend Petteri Hytönen and i went to talk with him. Petteri told that Pallid Harried was there just 30 seconds before me and i was fortuned to find it flying away, making some spiral moves. Nice! New tick for me! Soon the bird disappeared so i was very lucky. Thank you Petteri for letting me use one of your superb photos!

Adult female Pallid Harrier. (c) Petteri Hytönen.

Here is more photos of the Pallid Harrier.
Soon we noticed another Harrier flying just above the fields but it was female Hen Harrier. Nice anyway and it was good to compare these two very similar species almost together.
After some time and many Kestrels people decided to walk in the field and try to find the Richard´s Pipit. We had nice group of ten people and we actually find the bird from first field! Damn it was huge! Pipit flew away and despite the searches it was not find again.. Same happened actually to my car keys...
At some point keys must have dropped from my pocket. Area was so big that i was totally hopeless... Thank god Hannu Palojärvi was there and he gave me a ride back home to get my spare key and then ride back to my car. Without Hannu i would have been in big trouble.. So thank you Hannu, you are best, i owe you one!
Birds today:

Pallid Harrier 1 adult female.
Hen Harrier female type bird.
Kestrel 8
Red-throated Pipit 15
Richard´s Pipit 1
White-tailed Eagle 2 juvenile birds.

People walking.

Distant photo of Hen Harrier.

Thanks Hannu, Petteri and other for the company!


Great White Egret! 7.9.2013

Yesterday i went to Suomenoja because Sarina had some friends drinking at our place.
I went to the birdtower which is at southern side of the lake. Lots of gulls flew over the lake to the sea where gulls spend their nights. I counted over 60 Great Black-backed Gulls and almost 200 Herring Gulls. It was nice to check different ages of the gulls. At 6:40 pm i was checking some gull and i saw big white bird behind the flock. Little focusing and it was clear. Great White Egret! Scarce bird in Finland and actually very hard to find by your self. Always somebody else found these. Bird went to SW and disappeared behind the trees. Sadly i rushed out too fast and i forgot my camera at home...
Not too much birds after the Egret, but i was very happy.

Some Starlings.


Juvenile Goldfinch.

Egret was new year-tick for me, number 245 or something.


Monday 3.9.2013

I have been so lazy recent days... So i have to write three posts here today. This is first.

Me and my uncle Jände went to Kirkkonummi to have some raptor watch. We had only limited time there because Jände had some plans to go to Estonia.
Lots of White-tailed Eagles, Marsh Harriers and Greylag Goose.. I was hoping some Pallid Harrier action but nothing today.. Best bird was Adult Peregrine Falcon sitting top of the tree. Thanks to some dude to shoving it to us.

White-tailed Eagle.

Mixed flock of Goose.

Peregrine Falcon sitting. Great photo..

Thanks Jände for company.


1. syyskuuta 2013

Quick twitch. 31.8.2013

I was lazy last night so i post this today..
Yesterday i make quick visit to Maari birdtower after some guys, including my friend Matias Castren found Little Grebe there. I arrived afternoon and birders in the tower told me that they saw it earlier but at the moment it was hiding in reeds.
I start to check the area where it was last seen and after 30 minutes i showed very quickly.
Meanwhile when i was looking the Grebe i had time to check also other birds. Lonely Greater White-fronted Goose still there with many Canada Goose, Lapwings, Ruffs, Starlings, Wigeons, Teals, and maybe the second best bird, Spotted Crake.
Little Grebe is scarce bird in Finland and only handful breeding in Finland every year. This bird was adult and year-tick number 243.
I think September brings more species and some rarities also. Here is amazing photo of the Grebe.. Scoped with my phone and telescope.

Little Grebe front of the reeds. 

Greater White-fronted Goose.