26. helmikuuta 2016

Late January - February 2016

Not much birding recently and that´s why I´m really thinking of quitting this blog. Anyway, I had Finnish twitching society meeting in Hanko just after our Tenerife trip. We made excellent decisions of course and I even had some time for biding. Lots of year ticks dropped from Hanko and best bird was winter plumage Little Grebe near Hanko city.
After Hanko I twitched local Three-toed Woodpecker from Metsälä, near our house.

Little Grebe.

Snow Buntings in Hanko.

February started from Seurasaari where I had very pleasant two hours with Vilma and lost of good birds around. Black Woodpecker, Eagle Owl and bird of the day, Glaucous Gull! Lost of good stroller ticks! And the most important thing, Vilma slept whole time!
Days passed and I picked some year ticks around the Uusimaa county and at least Rook and Stock Dove are worth to mention. This up coming weekend I will go out with my uncle Jände, so lets see what happens then!