30. joulukuuta 2014

Happy new Year.

Hello all,

I´m sorry about my lazy posting, but it seems that i don´t have much time for the birds anymore..
I´m trying to keep this blog alive atleast one more year and for my new years promise i will post more often here, even if there is nothing to tell :)

December bird news? I spend one weekend in Vääksy with my girlfriend Sanni and saw some Pine Grosbeaks, Dipper, lots of Fieldfares and other common birds.
Later we spend also Christmas there and i twitched flock of Steller´s Eiders! My year tick number 228. I think this number is huge when you think how much i have been out and really watched birds.
Dipper photo which i took with my mobilephone.

So, how i will remember year 2014?
Amazing spring including Champions of the flyway in Eilat Israel. Lost of great birds, lifers, friends, new faces everything. Slow but great summer, visit in Greece with my family and saw Eleonora´s Falcon witch was one of my dream species.
Autumn highlight was Säppi island with some lifers, incliding Olive-backed Pipit, White-billed Diver etc.
Great year anyway despite lack of birdwatching.

Let´s hope 2015 will be great fun with birds and great people.
I wish you all happy new year! Let´s make this 2015 best year ever.