17. maaliskuuta 2023

Last couple of months 17.3.2023

 This winter has been very slow and dark and frustrating birdvicely. I have had almost zero energy to go out with my camera and most of my free time I have spent at the martial art gym. I started Brazilian Jiu-jitzu last September and nowadays I train three times a week. I´m really hoping that upcoming spring will bring also my energy and passion about the birds back with the migrant birds of course. 

Anyway I have couple of short twitches during the winter months. 8th of January I visited Malmi Cemetery with Julius and we twitched Two-barred Crossbill and Eurasian Nuthatch. I had my camera, but no memory card inside it, so no pictures... 

On February 11th I stopped at Kuusisaari to see Little Grebe, which has been there all winter. This time no camera with me, so no photos.. I also saw same bird last year at the same spot. 

25th of February I was at Asikkala with kids and Sanni and there I was able to find Dipper from Vääksy. Shy bird let me take only distant photos, but here is some. We had nice winter holiday week at the time.

White-throated Dipper. 

Natural wintering habitat.

Nice scenery to dive some food. Might be cold though.

March is actually already a "spring" month, but very poor and stupid one. on 3rd I took my kids and we twitched Twite from Siltamäki. This species is pretty rare in Helsinki area and not too many birds for twitchers annually. Again, no camera with me, so only nice views of the bird and great memories.. 

12th of March was Sunday and I took some of my "me time" and drove to Espoo to see magnificent Great-grey Owl. Bird was showing well and I spend an hour there just watching it. This time I had my camera, so couple of photos here with one video in my Youtube channel here: 

Ghost of the forest. 

Very sunny day. 

This is really one bird I never get bored to watch and see. What a amazing creature. 

More to come, I hope. Spring is just around the corner and first migrants, like Skylarks, Woodpigeons, Geese area already coming.