14. marraskuuta 2021

Flycatcher species 14.11.2021

 During the week I have noticed that there has been Spotted Flycatcher in Lauttasaari, Helsinki Daily we have had alarm messages of it and yesterday I was actually thinking that damn, that is one late flycatcher, so maybe I have to go and take a look of it. 

Today was slow, I was at the playground with my kids when I got a message "possibly new species for Finland, Mediterranean Flycatcher, Lauttasaari, possibly this species etc..." Say no more, I managed to talk my kids with me and soon we were driving towards the place. 

Finally at 13.40 we arrived to the site and bird was very easy to see. It came very close to the people and people got nice photos. 

Bird indeed looks very brown, breast has only little stripes and something was wrong when I was thinking about normal Spotted Flycatcher. I have seen Tyrrhenica-birds in Sardinia, even though didn´t really look those birds with "that eye", but still I remember that there birds looked a bit bigger and longer than our flycatchers. Who knows... 

Anyway, here is few poor pictures of the bird. 

Always good to start with poor flight picture, so people does not expect any better photos later.

Very hard light, sun was shining and it was afternoon. Here the Flycatcher in a tree.

And here too. Can´t really get anything good with that light.

Here we have it on a ground. Brownish feeling.

Here in shade it looked a bit more grayish, but there it really looked brown to me. Who knows.. 

Flycatcher species.

Great bird anyway and always nice to see people. Because it was father´s day today, here is a photo of my dearest of all throwing rocks in the sea. 

Vilma and Julius.

Bird was captured later, so we are now waiting DNA results and maybe a new for Finland. Again, who knows.. 



13. marraskuuta 2021

Late autumn already. 13.11.2021

 About a month since I posted last time. I have had only few short visits to see some rare birds, but that´s really all. 

On 31st of October I had too nice birds when I first twitched Dusky Warbler from Vanhankaupunginlahti and after that a short visit to city center where I had my first Caspian Gull in Helsinki ever. Both seen only with binoculars and I didn´t have my camera with me. 

ON 9th of November I had terrible news.. Ancient Murrelet in Kirkkonummi and I was stuck at work... For fuck sake.. I was a bit upset, but no chance. I felt little bit better when I saw my second ever Isabelline Wheatear in Vuosaari that same day. It was almost dark when I arrived to the site after my day at work and got these awesome record shots... 47th for Finland, so still pretty rare here. 

Last light Isabelline Wheatear. 

On 12th I had juvenile Golden Eagle from Hertoniemi and today (13th) I went to see Ural Owl with my kids, and finally after searching it for a while it was found near the place we were standing. Owls are really good at hiding and the might look at you and you have no idea where they are.. Anyway, few poor shots before the bird took of and we had to continue to have some lunch. 

Bird was hiding high up in the tree. 

Never too easy to photograph these.. 

More birds later, I hope.