28. toukokuuta 2013

Camera mistake.. 28.5.2013

I met Jari at Pornaistenniemi this morning. We start to walk around the area and when i was taking photo of Redwing i noticed that there was no battery in my camera... Great! Nice start for the day...
We checked whole area quite fast and best bird was Greenish Warbler witch disappeared quickly after i saw it.. Many Rose Finches, Greater white throats, Thrush Nightingales and others.. One sad thing also today. Penduline Tits have rejected their nest.. I heard little story of photographer around the nest and not just with the long telephoto lenses but with normal cameras.. That is fu***ng disgusting! I hope you guys with you pocket cameras are proud of your selves.

After Pornaistenniemi we had nice lunch in little cafe in Viikki and then we went to Hakala bird tower witch is in Vanhankaupunginlahti.
Not much birds in the meadow front of the tower and i concentrated to check raptors but i did not see any today! Later i found sandpiper standing near water quite far away. First i did not know what it was and i judged it to Wood Sand.. But soon it "raised" and showed it real shape and legs and other features. Marsh Sandpiper! Then it started to walk and soon it disappeared before Jari saw it.. Unfortunately..
Best bird today but i was only who saw it. Well, i have seen quite many so it´s not a great rarity, but nice anyway.
Soon we left and walked back to our cars. Thanks Jari for company!
After Viikki i went to Maari birds tower where i had little raptor watch with Jani Ceder, Pekka Komi and Sami Tuomela. Funny stuff and lot´s of laughing. Thanks guys also for company.
Best was Little Tern sitting on a sludge.

Nice day but no photos.. Maybe next time.



27. toukokuuta 2013

Lifer. 27.5.2013

Not much birding lately.. I had little birding burnout after Israel and i had to spend time at home with Sarina and with friends of course.
Today i had finally some energy to go out, so i went to Maari bird tower. Two Great Reed Warblers were singing near the tower and lots of other birds as well.
When i arrived to the tower there was few guys before me, some familiar and some not. I checked the meadow and soon Jani, who was in the tower noticed alarm of Booted Warbler quite near in Espoo.
My blood pressure jumped a little bit. After all, it would be lifer for me if i go there. So not much thinking and i left. About 15min late i arrived to Kuitinmäki where birds were singing actively. This is maybe unforgettable day for Kari who found the bird. He just hear little bit weird from the backyard and soon he found out that the bird is Booted Warbler. Great found Kari!
There was few people already when i arrived. Pasi Pirinen, Asko Rokala, Pertti Uusuvuori and some other guys. When i arrived the bird was quite close and i got tolerable photo of it, but soon it flew little bit farther and after few minutes we heard only its song.
Later more people came and i left after i put update message in our alarm system.

Booted Warbler. 

Twitchers and founder Kari in hes balcony. 

Later i check my book and there was text. "may look phylloscopus warbler in field" and in this photo, it have some same looks.
After this great warbler i went back to maari tower where we had many flocks of Geese but nothing really special.
After all this was very nice day. Nice weather, lifer, good company. Tomorrow i meet Jari in Viikki, so more text coming soon. Here is some photos from maari area.


Spotted Flycatcher. 

Common Snipe. 

See u tomorrow.


p.s. More story about Booted Warbler in Kari Haataja blog. You find it in my blog list. Finishborealforestbirding or something :)

21. toukokuuta 2013

Last day in Israel 20.5.2013

This was our last day in the country. After leaving our hotel we went to check some park where Vinous-breasted Starling is living.
This category C specie is originally from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and other countries from that direction.
In the early 2000s it has become an invasive species in Israel, alongside the Common Mynah.
But what a heck to think about it.. Tick is a tick and we wanted to see it.
In the park was also one other specie witch missed in my Israeli-list, Monk Parakeet.
So high hopes to see two plastic birds in one day.
We parked our car near some entrance of the park and just walked around. It took only 2min to see Monk Parakeet! Nice. About 15min later when we tried to photo some parakeets, Petteri found our target. Three Vinous-breasted Starlings jumped on the grass. Very funny moving style and it´s totally different when compare to Common Mynah.  It was hard to get any pics when birds were constantly moving, but i got something.
Here is real plastic photo series

Rose-ringed Parakeet. 

Common Mynas. 

Monk Parakeet fight! 

After this success we walk back to our car. On our way we saw little Cattle Egret colony in on tree and there was very young birds with totally black bills.

Young Cattle Egret. 
Also one some Hoopoes in the park. 

What a nice end for this trip.
Later afternoon our plane leave and i was back home at the evening.

I have to thank Jände, Petteri, Esko and Markus for excellent company. One of the best trips ever. So much hilarious  inside jokes!

Thank you Yoav Perlman for all the details and tips, without your help our Sooty Falcon project could have failed. Maybe next time we could have more birding together.

Also thank you Sarina for your patience of my seasonal stupidity! You are the best.

Next project is collect some year-ticks, so new post maybe soon.


19. toukokuuta 2013

Ma´agan Michael 19.5.2013

I had very rough night.. Problems with my stomach.. Other guys went out and i continued sleeping.
Later they came back to breakfast and i felt little bit better, so i join them to Ma´agan Michael.
Lot´s of normal birds like Glossy Ibis, Night Heron, Little Bittern, Little Egret, Purple Heron, Spoonbill, Pied Kingfisher and lot´s of others.
We spend over 7 hours there just watching pools and having a little sea watch.

Pied Kingfisher. 


Glossy Ibises. 

Graceful Prinia. 

Purple Heron.
Black Tern.

That was almost whole day.. Later after little meal we went to Parder Hanna where we had little parakeet watch. This is maybe the only place to see Nanday Parakeet in Israel, but it´s super hard... We had no luck with that.
After Pardes Hanna we make last try for the Painted Snipes, but it seems that they are gone..
Last full day. Sadly it started with stomach problems. Tomorrow we have little time to check Vinous-breasted Starlings from Tel-Aviv, so not much program before flights back home.
Tomorrow last post from here.


18. toukokuuta 2013

Dead sea and others. 18.5.2013

Early start from the Kibbutz lotan.. We drove to Dead sea where we start our Sooty falcon project. After an hour, there was only little hope left and we changed our place few times. Last place was nice look out place with great view.
Petteri was the lucky one who found this bird! Very far away two Sooty Falcons had their pair display. Later birds were little bit closer and we got nice looks. Memorable lifer for all of us!
After these birds we drove to Metsuke Dragot where i felt so ill that i had to sit in the car... Thank god it´s over now. Egyptian Vulture, Fan-tailed Raven and lot´s of Nubian Ibexes there.

Fan-tailed Raven.


Nubian Ibex.

Egyptian Vulture.

Tristram´s Starling

Later we had quite long drive to Netanya where we have our hotel. We dropped our bags and we went to Ma´agan Michael where we had many Herons, Gulls, Mynas, and best birds, Gannet and about 40 Cory´s Shearwaters! Nice ticks.
Lot´s of people in the beach because of some holiday.. Loud music and lot´s of questions about our doings.

Common Mynah. 

At the evening we tried to twitch Painted Snipes but no luck... Next try tomorrow morning, so let´s hope the best.
Tomorrow is also our last full day.
more text tomorrow.


17. toukokuuta 2013

Last day in Eilat area. 17.5.2013

This was our last day in Eilat area. Still no Sooty Falcon, but we have even bigger hopes to find it from the north.
Todays first places was km20 pools and place to see Falcon, but no falcon.. Sand Patridges were singing and Petteri saw female Red-footed Falcon.

Sand Patridge singing.

Slender-billed Gull in km20 pools. 

Later we drove around Eilat and Yotvata. Not much to tell about birds.. Same Cuckoo was in Canada Gardens, Some Broad-billed Sandpipers in IBRCEpools and soon after non about 800 Honey Buzzards went over Eilat.

Curlew Sandpipers. 

Light morph Booted Eagle.

Honey Buzzards. 

Tomorrow we go to Dead sea area and then to Hadera where we are going to twitch Painted Snipes, if they are still there :)
Let´s hope we have some luck tomorrow. Hear you soon.


16. toukokuuta 2013

Eilat and later else 16.5.2013

Today we started again from the N-beach. Nothing special so we went to km20 pools to had some raptor watch. Our Sooty Falcon project is still alive and we had high hopes! Of course we had to leave without this bird, but we have still enough optimism to go there tomorrow again :)
Again we had Barbary Falcon, Collared Pratincole and other same birds. Many Eastern-olivaceus Warblers in the pool area today.

The Warbler. 

Eastern-olivaceus is quite common here. Yesterday we had about 45 birds and today about 40, so much! Never seen so much actually!
After pools we had breakfast and we got some bad news.. We had to leave from the hostel where we lived.. Some formal detail was against us.. :)
So we contact to Kibbutz Lotan and we got room for us.
We dropped our bags and then we went to km76 where we had nothing... Some Rufous-tailed Robins but nothing else..
After km76 we went to Neot Smadar to have some lunch and rest. Soon after food we went to Uvda area where we had nice 3 hours. Nothing interesting..
Later we checked Neot Smadar sewage and there was some finally birds.
Many Rufous-tailed Robins, Garden Warblers, Citrine Wagtail and so on. Nice birding there.

Hooded Wheatear in Uvda. 

Some Great-grey Shire in Uvda..

This beautiful Rufous-tailed Robin was in Neot Samadar sewage. 

Now in Lotan and planning something for tomorrow. We have some Sooty Falcon plans and some Olive-tree Warbler plans. :)



Eilat birding 2 15.5.2013

Still driving around Eilat places and hoping to see Sooty Falcon. Early morning and we start from the North Beach, nothing special this time.. Later we went to km20 pool where we had raptor watch for the Sooty Falcon... Sadly this long waited raptor did not show up. Of course we had some other birds. Black-headed Bunting was new Israeli tick! Nicely found Petteri!
Later after breakfast we went back to km20 pools. Little pressure came when somebody found two Falcons flying above the pools. Two Barbary Falcons! What a nice birds.

Black-headed Bunting. 

Barbary Falcon.

Collared Pratincole. 

Here´s some birds from the km20 pools.
Later Markus guided us to Canada park or something like that. We found Common Cuckoo, Barred Warbler, and some other birds.
Sadly Markus had to leave to pack and later he had to leave the country. Thanks Markus for great company :)

Common Cuckoo.

Jumping Cuckoo. 

Barred Warbler. 

We had also one little raptor watch in the mountains, but nothing.. On our way to Holland Park i almost killed Lichtenstein Sandgrouse baby.. Whole family walked across the road! What a rare sighting.

In Holland park where we had about 30 Eastern-olivaceus Warblers!
Later Sea-watch in north beach and when we were driving to the beach someone found weird Honey Buzzard from the sky. Very quickly we noticed that this is Crested Honey Buzzard! What a bird! Third bird for me in the Israel and fourth in WP.

Crested Honey Buzzard! photo by Jände. 

Sand Patridge. 

What a great day.


15. toukokuuta 2013

Eilat birding 14.5.2013

Nice birding around Eilat. We picked up Markus at early morning and then we met Yoav Perlman, Itai Shanni and Meidad Goren in north beach. I got lifer when Striated Heron walked on a buoy!
Other nice birds for the morning were three White-cheeked Terns and four Oystercatchers! Nice start.
Later we drove aroun km20 pools, Eilat area and Yotvata.
In Yotvata we had nice Hoopoe Lark singing, some Namaque Doves, Purple Heron and so on. Very hot! In km20 pools we saw lots of Curlew Sandpipers, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Honey Buzzards and Black Flamingo, witch is melanistic bird or something.

Striated Heron! Finally!

White Stork in Yotvata.

Black.winged Stilt.

Honey Buzzard in km20 pools. 
White-eyed Gull.

Nice day with some Israeli ticks and lifer :)
still some problems with internet, so not much text and few photos.


14. toukokuuta 2013

Tel Aviv to Eilat. Nice birds. 13.5.2013

Me, Jände, Petteri and Esko arrived to Tel Aviv yesterday. Little rain in the city and more later when we drove to Eilat.
We stopped in Ben Gurion College where we surprisingly found Upsher´s Warbler!! Nice life for me.
Some Egyptian Vultures and one Griffon Vulture flied over the area.
Later when we drove there was epic storm and visibility was something like 3m ! Dangerous and scary.
Not much to tell about yesterday..

Upsher´s Warbler!

Masked Shrike. 

Bee Eater


11. toukokuuta 2013

Very nice day! 11.5.2013

What a day i had. Lot´s of birds everywhere and good company.
I started from Vanhankaupunginlahti where i very quickly found Ichterine Warbler and Greater Whitethroat for my year list. What a nice start. Dozens of Thrush Nightingales were singing, but maybe number of the birds feel so huge because of their loud voice.
I walked to Keinumäki tower where the Penduline Tit nest is. Two birds where present and i did not go to disturb them. Same time i noticed lone Penduline tit very close to me, so i had to take some photos.

I hope people understand to leave these birds alone so they  can breed without disruption. 

Next place was hide where i visited also last time, but there was so much people inside so i decided to walk straight to Lammassaari.
In middle of the boardwalks there is little wooden stage where some people listened the reeds. I stopped there also but nothing special.. Great numbers of Sedge Warblers were singing and some Common Snipes had their displays.
In lammassaari i found moere Great Whitethroats, Lesse Whitethroats, Black Woodpecker, Little Spotted Woodpecker and so on.

Boardwalks to Lammassaari.

Greater Whitethroat

Sedge Warbler.

Thrush Nightingale. 

When i walked back from the island i saw three birds flying over the boardwalks. Bearded Tits!! What a super nice surprise!! I did not have any change to get any photos but wow, that was great!
I walked back to Keinumäki tower where i met Jari Nummelin and hes wife Anu Lindström. Jari told that there was Blue Throat sighting from the boardwalks and Great-reed Warbler from the area too.
First we tried to listen if Great-reed would like to sing, but no luck this time.
Next we went to boardwalks where we found Blue Throat quite easily. Nice bird!
Then we heard that in Lammassaari tower some people saw Red-backed Shrike and some Citrine Wagtails.
We went there but only one Wagtail was there.. Lots of people there!
Later we tried to hear Great-reed again and this time it was there! What a great feeling. Same time Great Bittern and Great-reed Warbler singing, that was great!
Soon Jari and Anu left and i met accidentally Jari. We had little walk there and Jari head the Great-reed also.
Alter that we had little food break in prisma and then we went to Viikki. Nothing special there... Jari went to see Lesser White-fronted Goose with hes friend and i went back home.
House Martins and Barn Swallow. 

Redwing in Viikki.

Later Afternoon i drove Sarina to Espoo where she had shes friends "hen party". Suomenoja was in same direction so i went there. I walked my normal route and my first stop was in eastern bird tower. After few minutes i saw two little birds flying quite low. Other was little bit closer and then i had this so called "internal lamp explosion" thing! Rustic Bunting! What a feeling! Same time i heard "tsit" or "tik" sound.
Super looking male! Head Pattern was so clear so i id it male bird.
There was some other guys in the tower and i yelled that there is Rustic Bunting! Other guy just growled something and other guy asked "what is Rustic Bunting"........ GREAT!
Sadly i was not sure about the other bird.. Same sound but i did not saw any features.. but i think it was same specie. What a great birds!
Then i left from the tower and i called to Jände to ask some things.
Later i just walked around the area and too some photos of same old ducks.

Tufted Ducks. 

Oh yeah, not just ducks.

Male Pied Flycatcher. 

What a ending for the day.
Thank you for company Jari, Anu and other Jari :)
Tomorrow i must rest and pack my bags. Monday we start our Israeli trip so next post is from there i hope.
Year ticks 203

Hear you soon.